Instruction Notices
Regional Policies for SC Works Greater Upstate
Cherokee, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Union Counties

R17-01 - Allowable Training Activities/Cost Limits

R17-02 - Supportive Services Procedures

R17-03 - Grant Modification Procedures

R17-04 - Adult Priority of Service Procedures

R17-05 - Local Sanctions under WIOA

R17-06 - Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) and Rapid Response Policy and Procedures

R17-07 - WIOA Waivers

R17-08 - WIOA Transitional Jobs Policy

R17-09 - Stand Up Meetings

R18-01 - SC Works Branding Guidelines and Expectations

R18-03 - Federal Bonding Program and Work Opportunity Tax Credit

R18-04 - Participant Release of Information

R18-07 - Drug Testing Policy for the Greater Upstate Region

R18-08 - VETS

R18-09 - Follow Up Policy

Greenville Local Instruction Notices
Program Year 2017

17-01 - WIOA Rights Handout File Maintenance and Grievance/Complaint Forms

17-02 - Property Control Procedures

17-03 - SC Works Greenville Communication Policy

17-04 - SC Works Greenville Certification Policy

17-05, Change 1 - Youth Incentive Policy

Program Year 2019

19-01 - Youth Supportive Services Policy, Change 1